Our Vision

Jika Jika Community Centre is a Neighbourhood house located in Northcote.

Jika strives to be an accessible and responsive resource for the local residents of Northcote.

We are governed by a volunteer Committee made up of local residents. We work within the neighbourhood through a Community Development framework.

Jika was first incorporated in 1985 and has a rich history of partnering with the community to further positive social change on a local level.

Our Purpose

Jika Jika Community Centre aims to make a positive contribution by…

Building community connections: Promote and protect the role of community, with an emphasis on supporting, training and empowering marginalised groups.

Acting as an enabler: Provide access to training and other opportunities that will assist people in identifying and achieving their goals.

Providing leadership: Role model behaviours that are important to us in the community.

Promoting social justice: Support our community to advocate for a fairer and more equitable society.

Our Values

It is important to us that Jika acts in our community in a way that respects and encourages…

– Social justice and equality of opportunity

– Environmental sustainability

– Empowerment: Enabling people to advocate for themselves

– Pro-active and visionary thinking

– Optimism, humour and positivity

– Transparency and accountability

If you feel you support the purposes and Constitution of Jika Jika, you can apply for a Jika Jika membership. Membership is completely free, allowing you to vote at general meetings and more.

For more background information about Jika Jika’s vision, purposes and values, please read Jika’s latest Annual Report and Strategic Plan.