Bikes & Cycling

Learn to Ride a bikeĀ 

Learn to ride a bicycle with one-on-one tuition over 5 hours, generally 3 sessions. Lessons will be held at a day, time and place that is mutually suitable to you and your tutor.

$120 (full) / $60 (concession).

Learn to ride a bicycle at Jika Jika

Please call Jika on 9482 5100.


“The learn to ride program worked brilliantly for our son (5). Oliver has low muscle tone and struggles with balance and depth perception. He had never got to the point of enjoying even a balance bike or a bike with training wheels and a push handle, despite really wanting to use them.

The teaching approach challenges the learner very gradually in simple steps, starting with a balance bike, rolling down a gentle grassy slope. Every lesson Oliver was nervous and usually very reluctant to move to the next stage, but with his teacher’s kind and patient encouragement he found the courage to have a go and progressed really well each time. It only took five lessons from beginning to end before he could competently ride a bike! His big brothers could ride from ages three and four, so we were all thrilled and very proud of Oliver and extremely impressed by the clever and generous program. Huge thanks to his wonderful teacher, Ross, and to Jika Jika.” Stefanie, Oliver’s Mum



Rides with Darebin BUG!

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, occasional Sundays and weekends.

Meet at Jika and have fun riding with the Darebin Bicycle User Group.

Please call Michael on 9482 3276.