Small Hall

The Small Hall is at the corner of Plant and Union Streets and holds up to 40 people.
Features include:

  • lino floor
  • split heating/cooling system
  • ceiling fans
  • children’s toileting/change room
  • 4 carpet mats
  • toys and books
  • couch & cushions
  • 4 children’s tables
  • 13 children’s chairs

Regular Bookings are for recurring weekly, fortnightly, monthly or a number of sporadic bookings

Individuals/Unfunded and unstaffed Community Groups $14.00 per hour

Small businesses/Funded & Staffed Community Groups     $23.50 per hour

Large business/ Government                                                     $51.00 per hour

Casual bookings are for one-off events, such as parties* or workshops

Individuals/Unfunded and unstaffed Community Groups   $23.00 per hour

Small businesses/Funded & Staffed Community Groups      $31.00 per hour

Large business/ Government                                                      $52.00 per hour